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Registration for Winter 2022 is OPEN

Registration Closes December 1st!! 

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Steps for Registration_ (2).jpg


YOUNGERS Regular Season registration (u8, u10, u12, u14)

Youngers Regular Season registration is open from October 20th to Dec 2nd

  • Please register early as our governing body, SCYR, requires minimum registration numbers by Nov 13th.  If these numbers are not met, we will forfeit fielding that age group:

    • U8:  need 7 players registered

    • U10:  need 7 players registered

    • U12:  need 10 players registered

    • U14:  need 15 players registered

Younger's Regular Season registration includes a tee shirt, shorts, socks, and hoodie.  In rugby, individual players do not keep their own jerseys.  Instead, the club maintains the jerseys and presents them to players on match day.

Younger’s Regular Season registration pays for the regional fees that our parent organization charges, field rental, the player’s SWAG kit, hosting food, new equipment/ balls, end-of-season tournament fees, end-of-season celebrations, and other administrative and logistical costs.

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1. In order to register for the Younger’s Regular Season, please collect the following…

  • An electronic scan or image of your player’s birth certificate

  • A passport-style photo of your player.  Showing their head and upper shoulders on a neutral background.

  • A picture of your player on a scale, showing BOTH their weight and their face clearly

2. Log into Rugby Explorer and pay your general membership dues to USA Rugby

3. Log into Match Facts and pay your regional/local dues to SCYR and our club

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