Team, I want to thank all the members that showed up yesterday to help fundraiser for the club. I’ve just counted up $196 that we’ve managed to obtain from these efforts, and to be honest, this wasn’t that hard at all to do. additional thanks to those who donated, but couldn’t be there in person, Joe Sorenson!

I noticed that a large number of the people didn’t really know that we existed, and they loved Rugby, but hadn’t had the opportunity to play, watch or support it!

$196 is a fantastic dollar amount, however we cannot put a dollar amount to the tremendous exposure yesterday did for the club in the eyes of the public. We had numerous people excited to come play, and I want to see our men’s team have enough bodies at training to be able to field two teams! This will make our training dramatically more structured, as we will be able to run two teams against each other, and having each brother complete to be in the starting line up!

I’m thinking we try do these things more regularly on a Sunday, passing the Ball throughout the streets of Old Town will get us this visibility. There are large amounts of people in the region that are excited to support and simply cheer us on from the sidelines! We need to engage these areas of the community and build our following!

One step closer to getting this bus!! 🚌

Thanks again team, to be continued!

Sean Hannan

Men’s 2019 Co-Captain

Jason Glover